IR-TEC America, Inc.
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Mr. Andy Huang
Andy is the President of IR‑TEC America, Inc. He joined IR‑TEC International Ltd. in November, 1986 as a Marketing Manager responsible for introducing IR‑TEC's products to the international market. With over 25 years of experience Andy is renowned as a leader in sensing technology.

Mr. Ken Lancos

Ken has a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering that was earned at Monmouth University in 1991. Ken spent the first 10 years of his career in the industrial control world designing and selling control products to run production and process machinery. For over 15 years Ken has been in lighting controls in sales, management, and product design. Ken brings a unique background, and education experience, to the IR‑TEC America team. His leadership, and knowledge of lighting controls, makes him a valuable team member to IR‑TEC America and all our customers.

Mrs. Leslie McCarroll

Director of Operation
Leslie brings over 15 years of customer service and sales management to the IR‑TEC America team. Over her career Leslie has managed the inventory control, sales process, and customer support for several cutting edge technical companies. It is Leslie attention to detail and customer first attitude that makes her an invaluable member of the IR‑TEC America team. As the companies first line of contact and support, Leslie’s group leads IR‑TEC America's customer first initiatives.

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