UV Control Sensors

The UV control sensors are a specialized version of the TRANS-PIR sensors. These sensors are intended for use where lighting is needed to come on during a specific unoccupied time and stay on for a certain time period. The sensor will also shut the lights off should an occupant enter the sensors field of view during this period. These sensors are ideal for controlling UV lighting.

As with all the TRANS PIR occupancy sensors, these are a second to none wide range of 360° look down detection sensors developed from "Interchangeable EMO" an industry leading sensor design innovation features interchangeable Electrical, Mechanical and Optical options. This innovative design concept helps creating numerous types of sensor with individual electrical specifications which can be mounted in various formats and equipped with interchangeable lens to provide distinctive detection coverage.

Model no. Sensor Description & Functionality  
LOS-502Sxx-UV Line voltage UV control sensor    
BED-511S Low voltage virtual midnight sensor    

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