Power Pack & Controller

IR‑TEC's PPU series power pack not only provides 24 VDC power supply for the operation of IR‑TEC low voltage sensors, but also accepts control signals from connected sensors to control the lighting circuits, motors, self-contained air‑conditioners, VAV systems, fans and motorized damper controllers. The PPU series can be attached to a junction box through a 1/2" knockout with the designed threaded nipple and locknut. It may also be mounted into fixture cable trays or located inside an adjacent junction box for specific local code requirements.

When selecting a power pack to operate with low voltage sensors, keep the following factors in mind:
-Voltage of power input
-Total current consumption of all connected devices
-Total wattage and type of load to be switched
-Signaling from multiple low voltage sensors ​


Type Description & Functionality Series Available
PPU Power pack with 24 VDC power supply and load switching PPU‑300



PPU-1 Series
Power Pack & Controller

Two models of low profile power pack controller are available for connection with M1 SmartDALI Sensors to provide standalone or networked smart lighting control. A momentary push button can be connected to enable manual on/off and dimming control while allowing the sensor to automatically shut off the light after the area is vacated for a period of time.


Type Description & Functionality Series Available
PPU Power pack with DALI/0-10V PPU‑100DP

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