A Simpler and Smarter Wireless Lighting Control Solution

The OS‑NET, abbreviated from OccuSens Network, is a smart sensor network solution developed by IR‑TEC to deliver wireless connectivity to every luminaire and lighting circuit.

  • On‑off switching and dimming
  • Multiple luminaire integrations
  • Multiple ceiling mount options
  • Interchangeable lens selections
  • Indoor and outdoor applications

  • All functionalities are built in one
  • Multiple sensing control modes
  • Local sensing, group activation
  • Multi‑group control broadcast
  • Code‑compliant smart controls

  • One device is good for all controls
  • Same installation as conventional
  • No exclusive SW or APPS required
  • Intuitive IR remote programming
  • Installing, Grouping, Setting and GO





Thanks to simple concepts combined with IR‑TEC's technical innovations, a wireless mesh network can be effortlessly established by installing OS‑NET enabled luminaires and circuits. OS‑NET delivers straight forward intelligent lighting controls, including occupancy/vacancy sensing, daylight harvesting, bi‑level dimming and continuous dimming all with wireless communication.

With some easy and intuitive settings, all OS‑NET enabled lights can be controlled individually or as groups. If necessary, the installed lighting can be easily re‑configured to provide different control schemes or reassigned to a new group.

IR‑TEC's OS‑NET is an easy solution for OEM manufacturers to enable their luminaires with state‑of‑the‑art wireless sensor mesh network connectivity, and also an unsurpassed solution for retrofitting legacy lighting. The core of OS‑NET is that it offers the greatest Flexibility, with the most Functionality, in the Simplest manner.

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