Daylight Sensor

To provide the most delicate daylighting control with the best installation flexibility for today's sustainable buildings, IR‑TEC redefined the daylight sensors by utilizing an industry leading design innovation - Interchangeable EMO.

This innovative design concept has helped creating the TRANS ceiling sensor family, which consists of numerous types of occupancy and daylight sensor feature distinctive functionality and electrical characteristics for all applications of energy efficient lighting control. All TRANS ceiling daylight sensors can be mounted in various options with specific mounting brackets.

Type Sensor Description & Functionality Series Available
LPS Line voltage daylight sensor with SLV for on/off control LPS‑509S  
BED Low voltage daylight sensor with IDC & AO for continuous dimming control, remote setting BED‑500S
BPD Low voltage daylight sensor with IDC & AO for on/off switching or continuous dimming control BPD‑500S
Mounting Options Code Bracket #  
Fixture Integrated F --
IP‑66 Fixture Integrated W --
Fixture External E EMB‑500  
IP‑66 Fixture External P PMB‑500
Ceiling Surface S SMB‑500
Junction Box C CMB‑500
Ceiling Recess R RMB‑500

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