HFD Fixture Internal Sensor

Passive Infrared (PIR) technology based sensor requires unobstructed line-of-sight to detect the occupant's presence and motions. For the luminaire that requires sensor to be placed internally, PIR technology is not an option, but HFD technology. The HFD technology operates with high frequency radio waves which are capable of detecting the occupant's presence and movement through non‑metallic material like plastic, glass, plywood or plaster board. IR‑TEC offers a series of HFD occupancy sensors available for mounting inside the OEM fixtures, and providing occupancy sensing based on/off switching or multi‑mode, bi‑level dimming control.



Model no. Sensor Description & Functionality  
LMS‑109 Line voltage HFD ON/OFF control with hybrid switching    
LMD‑109 Line voltage HFD Bi‑level control with hybrid switching    

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