OS-NET Devices

IR‑TEC's OS‑NET wireless lighting control network is formed by a number of wirelessly linked OS‑NET devices. The OS‑NET devices refer to the products built with OS‑NET wireless networking capability, which include OS‑NET Sensor and OS‑NET Button.

OS‑NET Sensor (ONS)
The OS‑NET Sensors (ONS) are fundamental OS‑NET devices. Each ONS is packed with multiple sensing control functionalities, including occupancy/vacancy sensing, ambient light sensing, 0‑10V or DALI dimming, together with wireless mesh networking capabilities required for smart lighting control. The ONS are available in two different form factors, namely Omni ONS and Mini ONS.
The Omni ONS can be flexibly integrated with an OEM luminaire or mounted on the ceiling in different options. Changeable lens options allow the Omni ONS to be used from typical office to high bay applications with different coverage.
The following mounting options are available for Omni ONS to integrate with luminaires or lighting circuits.

The following lens options are available for Omni-ONS to provide different coverage at various mounting heights.
Model Available Device Description & Functionality  
ON‑LRD‑509S Series Line Voltage OS-NET sensor with SLV & AO    
ON‑LRD‑609SA Series Line Voltage OS-NET sensor with SLV & AO    
The Mini ONS is a low profile OS-NET Sensor with a small flat lens specially designed for through-hole assembly with office luminaire such as Troffer or side-lit LED panel light.
Model Available Device Description & Functionality  
ON‑LRD‑209S Line Voltage OS-NET sensor with SLV & AO    


OS‑NET Button (ONB)
The OS‑NET Button is an optional OS‑NET device.

The ONB can be mounted into a standard wall box, as a line voltage powered wireless dimmer switch to provide manual on/off and dimming control to the lighting group assigned.

The main function of the ONB is to allow the user to control the lights as required by broadcasting the control commands to the ONS of the same group.
Model Available Device Description & Functionality  
ON‑PBD‑705W Line Voltage OS-NET button, NEMA wall box, 120/277VAC    

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