BBS-7xx Series

Low Voltage Wall Switch Sensor

The BBS type of the WALLSENZR family are low voltage wall switch sensors designed to provide isolated dry contact output for load switching via the connected PPU or BMS. Sensor settings and control modes can be configured by Accu-Set pot and DIP switch behind the button cover . 

The BBS-7xx Series Features at The Models the with Standard MODE  Settings, or the with the Multi-Way Manual Control.



  • Occupancy-Vacancy sensor changeable control
  • Low profile, optimal décor sensor aesthetics
  • 180° field of view with coverage exceeds 100 sq. m.
  • Specialized lens provides vandalism protection
  • Dry contact relay output for versatile control
  • Accu-Set digital potentiometer sensor settings
  • Screwless wall plate offers high end appearance
  • Low cut back cover provides more wiring space
    Models Tech ALS Power Output PPU Required MMC Control Control
    BBS‑700S a PIR 12‑24 VDC IDC YES NO All time on/off with ALS override
    BBS‑702S a PIR 12‑24 VDC IDC+DO YES YES On/off switching with MMC
     a - color code (W:White I:Ivory)
PIR - Passive infrared     IDC - Isolated dry contact      DO - Digital output      MMC - Multi‑way manual control

Multi‑way Manual Control is a unique feature that allows occupant to manually turn on/off the local lighting via pressing the push button on ANY one of the low voltage wall switch sensors connected to the power pack. The MMC can be applied in large areas with multiple entrances/exits where multiple low voltage wall switch sensors and ceiling sensors may be required to cover the whole area, and yet still be able to provide occupant accessible manual on/off control at multiple positions.

Typical Applications

  • Classroom
  • Open office
  • Lecture hall
  • Long corridor with turns
  • Grand conference room
  • Large and open space

Product Information
BBS-700 Datasheet