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April, 2016
Introducing the BDS‑600 Series: World's 1st PIR+HFD Dual‑Tech Occupancy Sensor Featuring Interchangeable Lenses
This new member of TRANS sensor family combines digital Passive Infrared (PIR) and state‑of‑the art High Frequency Doppler (HFD) sensing technologies in a low profile housing to provide second‑to‑none occupancy sensing performance...

April, 2016
Introducing the LMS‑509 Series: The HFD Occupancy Sensor with Hybrid Switching
IR‑TEC continues to expand its popular TRANS sensor family with the addition of LMS‑509 series HFD occupancy sensor. This line voltage occupancy sensor employs the state‑of‑the‑art High Frequency Doppler and hybrid switching technologies...

April, 2016
Introducing the BED‑600 Series: A Remote Programmable Daylight Sensor Featuring SmartDIM Continuous Dimming Control
IR‑TEC introduces probably the first 2‑way IR remote programmable daylight sensor in the world featuring multi‑mode SmartDIM for continuous dimming or StepDIM control. Combine the BED-500 with standard low voltage occupancy sensor...

April, 2016
Introducing the LOD‑509 Series: The New Addition to IR‑TEC's SmartDIM Occupancy Sensor Family
IR‑TEC again refreshes the lighting control market with its LOD‑509 series occupancy sensor now featuring multi‑mode SmartDIM control. SmartDIM is an exclusive continuous dimming control technology, developed by IR‑TEC...

April, 2016
Introducing the LOS‑509 Series: Low Cost On/Off Occupancy Sensor with Premium Hybrid Switching
IR‑TEC continues to amaze the lighting control market with its new LOS‑509 series occupancy sensor. This low cost occupancy sensor employs hybrid switching, and advanced load switching control technology specially developed to handle the high inrush current...


June, 2016
Low Cost Title 24 Solution with Continuous Dimming

June, 2016
IP‑66 PMB‑500 Mount and Lenses NOW Available in Black

April, 2016
Introducing the PBS‑721 & 722 Series: The Premier Push‑Button Switches for Vacancy Sensing Control

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