Simple Facts

The below information some simple facts about OS‑NET.

1. OS‑NET is a simpler and smarter wireless lighting control solution developed by IR‑TEC.
2. OS‑NET is a ZigBee‑based wireless mesh network formed by numerous OS‑NET devices.
3. OS‑NET is a robust wireless lighting control solution without any Single‑Point‑of‑Failure.
4. OS‑NET can be used in most spaces of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.
5. OS‑NET can transform general luminaires into smart lightings with wireless connectivity.
6. OS‑NET solution can work with various luminaires from different lighting manufacturers.
7. OS‑NET can be applied to the new building projects or the renovation of existed lighting.
8. OS‑NET can be effortlessly deployed while installing the OS‑NET enabled lighting system.
9. OS‑NET can provide multi-scheme occupancy, vacancy and/or daylight sensing controls.
10. OS‑NET supports on‑off/bi‑level StepDIM/continuous SmartDIM control by 0‑10V/DALI.
11. OS‑NET is operating based on the concept "individual sensing control, group activation".
12. OS‑NET requires no extra equipment but an IR remote programming tool for all settings.
13. OS‑NET devices mainly include OS-NET Sensors, OS-NET Button, and OS-NET Power Pack.
14. OS‑NET can connect up to 250 control groups and maximum to 100 devices each group.
15. OS‑NET device can be assigned as a member of up to 4 groups for multiple group control.
16. OS‑NET can fully comply with lighting control requirements from building energy codes.
1. OS‑NET Sensors are fundamental devices that constitute OS‑NET wireless mesh network.
2. OS‑NET Sensors are available in different form factors named as Omni ONS and Mini ONS.
3. OS‑NET Sensors can still provide standalone control even if network communication fails.
4. Each OS‑NET Sensor is packed with multiple sensing controls and networking capabilities.
5. Omni ONS can be integrated with OEM luminaires or ceiling mounted in various options.
6. Omni ONS can be installed on the typical office ceiling to industrial high bay applications.
7. Omni ONS can be equipped with different lenses to provide different detection coverage.
8. Mini ONS is a low profile OS‑NET Sensor designed for general Troffer or Panel integration.
1. OS‑NET Buttons are powered by general AC mains as the replacement of switch/dimmer.
2. OS‑NET Buttons offer different form factors for mounting with EURO or NEMA wall boxes.
3. OS‑NET Buttons can provide manual on-off and dimming controls to the associated group.
1. OS‑NET Power Pack is a wireless enabled 24VDC power supply and load control device.
2. OS‑NET Power Pack can provide occupancy/vacancy sensing based ON/OFF switching.
3. OS‑NET Power Pack can be programmed to provide wireless enabled Plug Load Control.

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